Renovation VS Selling

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We all seem to witnessing it these days, the insanity of Vancouver’s real estate market. We are hearing the stories over and over again. People selling their properties and planning on doing a move whether it’s a lateral, downsizing or scaling up. The situation happens over and over. They have sold their existing property and within weeks they almost can’t get back in. They are having to bid way over listing price. The numbers are astronomical. Last week, I heard of a property in Mission selling a hundred thousand over list price. There was another situation in South Surrey, where the selling price was seven hundred thousand above list price. Personally I think it’s pretty insane!
As an interior designer, I say, “renovate your existing property”. If you already own a good solid home, townhouse or condo. Stay where you are and maximize your homes potential. I promise you, you will be astounded at the outcome of how a good renovation can increase the value of your home exponentially. Let a designer show you how much potential your home actually has.

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Form Follows Function

Form Follows Function

Shower in main bath editorail

Any good designer should and will incorporate these principals into their work.
Form follows function is a principle associated with modernist architecture and industrial design in the 20th century. The principle is,” that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose”.
In actuality the original and correct quote was made by American Architect Louis Sullivan, the phrase should read as, “form ever follows function”.
It was in the late 19th century Chicago at the very moment when technology, taste and economic forces converged and made it necessary to drop the established styles of the past. If the shape of the building was not going to be following the norm, something had to determine the design and according to Sullivan it was going to be the purpose of the building.
In good design, no element should ever be chosen arbitrarily. More so, it should come from the basis of the concept that was chosen for the intended design.

The concept that was created for the design of this renovation was “flow”. Inspired by the meandering stream that runs through the back of the property. This image shows a transitional style “barn door” that was used for this small bathroom. Not only does this type of door flow freely, the transitional hardware matches the styling of the rest of the home.
Far too often you see builders using “pocket doors” in small spaces. Unfortunately they lack in both style and functionality. Where as a “barn style” door which hangs on the outside of the room, flows more freely and offers either transitional, contemporary or rustic styling, depending on the mounting hardware used.
Barn doors integrate beautifully in smaller spaces as they don’t require the clearance of a traditional in-swing door.
There you have it, “form follows function”.

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Selecting The Perfect Tub


Planning on renovating your bathroom or building a new home. You are going to be inundated with decisions. When it comes to selecting the tub for your bathrooms or Ensuite, you have some pretty big decisions, to say the least.
Some people might think that size doesn’t matter. Believe me honey, size matters, LOL! The last thing you want to do is climb into your tub and find yourself slipping down into it but because it’s so long your feet can’t find the end. Therefore; one of the first things to consider is the height of the primary user of the tub.
Another very important thing to consider is the volume of the tub. Unless you have an “On Demand” water heater, “which is something I would highly recommend”. If you purchase an oversized tub which requires a huge volume of water to fill. The standard water tank will not accommodate the capacity needed. The last thing you want to discover after the fact is that your water tank can only fill your tub half full of hot water. That would be a huge disappointment !
Trust me, I heard of a couple who insisted that her and her partner would soak in the tub together every night therefore; they insisted that they install an oversize tub. Not only was the tub inappropriate for the size of the room. They soon discovered, albeit after the fact that their water tank was only able to fill the tub to the midway point.
Very popular these days are freestanding tubs, there is a huge range of styles to choose from and many companies that produce them. Your free standing tub should not only be proportionate in size to the space. You want to ensure that you have enough clearance on all sides, not jammed up against the wall, after all, it is suppose to be “Freestanding”!
The tub shown in this image is made by BLU. It has the perfect angle to lay back and relax in for a good long soak. It also has a good size flat edge that can accommodate a bar of soap, toiletries, and a glass of water or better yet a glass of wine, whatever your preference.
When you’re out shopping for a new tub, give it a test drive, so to speak. That’s right, hop right in! You might think I’m joking right? Wrong! Go into the showroom, take off your footwear and climb inside. Seriously, you need to know if this tub is going to be the right length for yourself and that the angle is going to be comfortable to relax in. After all, how comfortable is a tub going to be with some rigid straight back to it? Your tub is an investment piece and you’re not going to be replacing it any time soon.
There you go, a few decisions that you will need help with, good luck!

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Retrofitting Cabinetry

downstairs bath slider 675 x 450

As an Interior designers I find myself frequently looking for ways to change things up, steer away from conventional applications and adding visual interest to a space. One of my favorite things to do, is to retrofit a beautiful piece of furniture and integrate it into a bathroom.

I look for a very well constructed piece of furniture that has some great visual interest, especially something faced with exquisite wood. If the cabinetry is to be placed between two walls as this one is or if the top has been damaged, you can usually get a great deal on the piece. I am always looking for ways to get more bang for your buck!

This vintage cabinet is faced in Rosewood and was originally a sideboard built in the 1970’s. The simple styling lends itself as the perfect cabinet for this transitional style bathroom. It was easily retrofitted by my finish cabinet maker, simply by removing the legs, reinforcing the back of the cabinet, then cutting into the back and bottom shelf to allow for the plumbing to be incorporated. Then it was topped by a slab of cultured stone.

There you have it an easier retrofit at a great price!

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A Room With a View

North Shore Island and dining room

If you’re planning on renovating your home, there are some very important design elements that you must consider. One of the elements that I like to stress is the sight lines of connecting spaces, whether they be indoors or out.

Personally I love to let the outdoors in, whenever possible.  A drop dead gorgeous view doesn’t necessarily need to be a water or city view. If you are one of these very fortunate individuals who owns a property with a mature private garden, that view speaks volumes!

As I always say, “Go Big or Go Home!”

If one of the rooms that your planning on upgrading is overlooking a beautiful private garden, yet only has small window.  Then you’re not taking full advantage of what is yours to behold. Increase the size of that window, as big as you can!

There are a few things you will need to consider in the decision making process. The top edge of the other windows and doors in the room or adjoining rooms will help you to determine where the top of the window should finish, consistency here is a very important aesthetic factor.

The lower edge of the window does not necessarily have to follow the same lines, as the other windows in the room.  If you are not planning on placing a sofa or other height restricting pieces of furniture against this new enlarged window.  My recommendation would be to drop the lower edge down so that it finishes eighteen inches above finished floor, or as they say in the design industry, “18” AFF”. Any closer to the floor and you will be required to use tempered glass, which is far more expensive than non-tempered.

Another huge thing to consider is making the window operable. You wouldn’t want to install a enormous picture window but not be able to open it up and allow that beautiful fresh air to circulate, now would you?

And last but not least, how do you want to divide the light. My first choice would be, the largest pane of glass in the centre to maximize the view, with opening sliders on either end. By doing this you will not only be maximizing your view you will also be allowing two areas for cross-flow ventilation.

There you have it, a little food for thought!

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